Sam Does: Getting Gus ready to go out

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Sam has been out of the newborn phase for 5 years now, while Aly is living and breathing the trials and tribulations of having a new addition to the family.

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In a desperate attempt to make her suffer too, Aly is setting Sam a series of newborn challenges in the imaginatively named: ‘Sam Does’.

This week, it’s ‘Sam Does: Getting Gus ready to go out’. This involves the dreaded all-in-one suite. Can Sam rise to the challenge? Will Gus have one of his arms broken off? Will they even manage to leave the house? Find out all this and more in ‘Sam Does: Getting Gus ready to go out!’

If you would like to set Sam any newborn challenges that we have yet to cover, please get in touch over the social channels or at [email protected]


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  1. So funny! I love you two, you really should be on telly. Get rid of Jeremy vile and his nonsense and have comedy hour with you two instead! Really would be a lot more fun . Gus (I almost said Sam) looks mahoosive for a new bubba, gorgeous xxx Different coloured central button is genius #welldonegap


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