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You hear about Postnatal Depression. You read about it. You think you might understand it but until you or someone close to you has it, you realise that you know very little.

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When Aly, my mate and business partner, had her third child, neither of us, for a spilt second could have envisaged that she would suffer from Postnatal Depression. But she did.

We wanted to talk about it. Aly, bravely, from her perspective (to watch her video click HERE ) as the one who had it and me, as the close friend who watched her go through it.

Not sure how my videos will come across. Really genuine I hope. Because they are. I have been very honest.

Ultimately, we want to start a conversation. We want to help, even in the tiniest way if we can.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to watch them, read this and for helping talk about a subject which affects so many.

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For help and advice on Postnatal Depression please check out the following links:

NHS Direct





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