I have Postnatal Depression


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As a mum of 2, getting postnatal depression with my third was the last thing i expected and it knocked me sideways.

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I wanted to speak about it because it hit me hard, i wasn't prepared for it and i wanted you all to know if you are going through it, you are not alone.

There are plenty of people out there suffering in silence but talking about it is half the battle. Let's start a conversation about Post Natal Depression and ensure that no one feels alone in this.

Please check out Sam's video's HERE to see what its like being the friend of someone with PND.

For help and advice on Postnatal Depression please check out the following links:

NHS Direct





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  1. Thank you for this video. So brave to share your story, which will undoubtably help those out there who are unsure of their symptoms and are battling on in the very British way that we do! All the very best and so pleased to hear that you have wonderful support around you xx
    1. Thank you so much for watching and taking the time to comment. Aly and Sam xx
  2. Fab video Aly, and it will really help others who know you and how strong capable and funny you are through your social media,. Pnd really can and does happen to anyone and is nothing you cause, or because you are a failure, it simply is a horrible illness that affects many mums and dads temporarily. You are so lucky in the support you have around you and that really is half the battle. So many parents aren't that lucky. They can be really isolated and that makes it so much harder to think straight or see a way out. They can be alone dealing with all the awful numb and scary feelings... Which is where services like APNI are a lifeline. We are three to bridge the gap, talk through the feelings and give LOTS of reassurance. It makes such a difference and can help you hang onto your sanity at a time when your life is feeling crazy. It is lovely to see you say you are making great progress but to anyone still going through it... Like Aly, reach out and ask for help. No shame in having human emotions at a time when your world is feeling wrong! Contact us at APNI www.apni.org or on Instagram @apniuk and take the first step to getting back to your old self and feeling better. Siobhan x P.s. Aly it is so brave of you opening up to the world and this will definitely be a God send to other mums who may be experiencing this too. So many feel shame and suffer in silence until breaking point. The minute you feel something is not right, do reach out and help others to help you. It really is going to get better and having support is the best way to get you through.
  3. Inspirational, truly xxxx
    1. Thank you Lily. Really appreciate you watching. Aly and Sam x


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