Friday Video: Parenting in a dance move


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The Friday Video series, is an opportunity for Sam and Aly to shoot the breeze on the topics of the week - all with a parenting twist!

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This week, they are contemplating parenting in a dance move! Yes, we too felt it must have been a slow day in the office. The good news is, that the new office boy Max, was there to capture some behind the scene footage that is priceless!

So here, Sam, Aly, and Max give you an insight into retro dance moves of the mid '90's in the Up All Hours Friday Video!


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  1. I have a name for a dance move, I would call it the Endless Mad Dash Hunt, I think it needs abbreviation and twerking, but the just of the move is constantly runninging around after your little ones making sure their there and safe!


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