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Up All Hours was thrilled to be granted a sit down with the Big Man himself, the one, the only Father Christmas!!! Yes!!! The real one!!.

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Once he had parked up the Reindeer, we asked him some of the wonderful questions you have been sending in, over the last few weeks.

So, have you ever wondered who Father Christmas’s favourite reindeer is? Or maybe How he gets back up the chimney once he has delivered your presents?

Well, we have all the answers right here, so sit back and enjoy listening to Father Christmas tell you all about how he creates, the most magical night of the year.

And if you don’t have time to listen to all his wonderful answers we have listed the timings of the questions and his answers below so you can jump straight to them!

The children asked -

1.21 Niyah: “Where did you find your magic Reindeer?”

1.52 Elodie: “How old are you?”

2.35 Maya: “How many presents do you deliver each year?”

2.47 Flynn: “Why are you called father Christmas?”

3.11 Scott: “Who is your favourite Reindeer?”

4.17 Faith: “Do you really eat all the mince pies and drink all the sherry everyone leaves out?”

5.13 William C: “Does anyone get you any presents?”

6.14 William C: “Why did you give the reindeer those names?"

8.22 Felix: “How do you deliver presents to houses that don't have chimneys and what happens if the family are burning a fire?”

9.45 Harry: “Who is the actual Father Christmas?!”

10.26 Hugo: “What colour are your socks?”

10.45 Toby: “How do you get back up the Chimney after delivering the

11.44 William M: “Who is your most reliable Elf and do you curl your beard? If you do curl it, how do you keep it so curly?”

13.29 Josh: “How do you read the list AND check it twice because it is really long”

13.56 Josh: Do your elves help you deliver the presents too?”

14.33 Matthew: “How many elves do you have?"

15.20 Matthew: “How do you know if Children have been naughty or nice?”


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