The Sparino LED Children's Light

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Our friends at The Lighting Superstore, the one-stop shop for luxury lighting sent us a Sparino LED Children's Light, so Cat gave it a whirl in her boy's bedroom.

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Fin is 8 and Dexter is 2, so finding something that is age appropriate for both, or indeed that they both like, can be hard work sometimes! The Sparino light amazingly fits the bill for both of them...

The LED light, which is made of steel and shaped in to a bird, can be used as both a table lamp and as a wall lamp, comes in either green or yellow and has an on / off switch which is easy for kids to use.

Fin likes to use it as a reading lamp, as it gives off a good glow for this purpose and he finds the design isn't too babyish, so fits in to his more 'grown up' corner of the room, as he likes to refer to it.

Dexter is fascintated by anything that has lights on it, but the Sparino is sturdy enough to withstand even his manhandling - he particlarly likes to rock it! That aside, we have also managed to look at some books together under it's glow. It's so far proving a hit with both of them.

Sparino LED Childrens Light

The Sparino is priced at £44.46 and is part of a fantastic range of fun and practical lights that The Lighting Superstore offer ranging from just £7. There are butterflies, flowers, rockets, unicorns, planes, cars and more - plenty to keep your little ones illuminated (pardon the pun!)

I'm just so happy that I've managed to find something that suits both my boys, is reasonably priced and most importantly, is built to last.

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