Sam and Aly take on the MandM Direct Challenge

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A few years ago when Ele was little £50 would get me quite a bit for my money when trying to get her some new clothes. Now – a – days though it seams like £50 gets you very little. Brands are making a fortune out of the children’s clothing market, as kids get more brand savvy and peer pressure means they all have to have the latest thing!

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Whether it is ‘those’ football boots or the latest rucksack everyone has at school, children’s clothes don’t come cheap and that’s before you even start on yourself or your husband!

So, Sam and I were intrigued when MandM Direct contacted us asking if we would like to spend £50 each, on their website. I (Aly here) wasn’t as familiar with the brand as Sam was and I have to admit that I anticipated trawling the site trying to find the cheapest things on there, that would hopefully fit my £50 budget.

Even better, Sam and I were asked to compete to see who could get the most for their money and make the most savings on those items.

Items, plural – interesting!

Sam and I are pretty competitive so, if nothing else, we were keen, if only to take the other person down!

How. Wrong. Were. We?

This website is off the charts when it comes to savings, (75% off the RRP!) and although we have been given £50 each, it would take a lot more than that, to get either of us to say something that positive about a brand!

The website is packed with clothes, sports gear and accessories from well known brands and each item has the RRP listed next to it so you can see what savings you are making.

Now we had seen the website, the game was on!

We both decided that we would try and get something for each member of our family which is a tall order for £50 on any website let alone one that has the likes of French Connection, Converse Kids and Puma on it.

I am pleased to say that I managed to get 8 items for £49.45 (madness!!) including a Puma Hoodie and an Elle Running jacket for me! Sam lucked out too with 6 items for £49.74 that’s 14 items for under £100!

The question was though, how much did we save?? Well, you are going to have to click HERE to watch the videos and find out but Sam and I were blown away by what we got v’s what we spent.

So please, don’t take our word for it, go and check out the website as next time your son manages to loose one of his football boots it won’t break the bank, we guarantee you will be able to find a bargain of a pair on MandM Direct.

You can even search by biggest saving, something I made the mistake of telling Sam during our challenge! Error on my part!

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