Review - “Santa’s Got Talent” Christmas Circus at Squires

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Garden Centre’s aren’t what they used to be. For starters, you don’t have to have green fingers to visit them. They are becoming a legitimate afternoon out, especially with children and especially around Christmas time.

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Squires Garden Centres in Farnham, Surrey and Washington, West Sussex are taking Christmas to a new level this year, with a “Santa’s Got Talent” Christmas Circus.

There are only so many Father Christmas’s you take the little ones to visit in a year, before questions start being asked and honestly, wandering round Christmas decoration filled shopping centres really doesn’t float my boat. So doing something entertaining, Christmassy and very importantly, affordable, that keeps them quiet, is a complete winner in my book.

I’m going to let the photos do the talking but I can honestly say that Barney, aged 5, was gripped from start to finish. He has never sat so still for 60 minutes. It was engaging, had all the excitement of a Circus but with the presence of Father Christmas. What’s not to love!

Pretty Impressive
Strong man!
Santa and the Polar Bear
Take a bow

I won't completely ruin it for you but there is a particularly fantastic dance scene with a polar bear!

Once the show is finished, the children then get to meet Santa on the way out and receive a present, if they’ve been good!

There are morning, afternoon, and early evening shows and tickets cost £12 per person. A complete bargain for an hour’s worth of entertainment, a meet and greet with the big man and a little gift to take away. Book your tickets here, you won’t be disappointed.


Two tips, wrap up warm, it is essentially outside and maybe don’t sit in the front row if you are worried about your hair or make up. :)

And finally, a word of warning - if you are planning on attending with a pre-pubescent teen, there is a burlesque dancer there. And she has a sword. I’m just saying!

The Circus is The John Lawson Circus so bravo guys, I’m sure you will entertain 100’s of little people and their knackered parents this December.

Thank you!

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