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The Results with Lucy team were kind enough to grant me access to the middle programme in Lucy’s series of exercise programmes, Wobble to Model. I defy any women to not get excited about that title!

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Wobble to Model is a 6 week training course, designed to challenge you physically and mentally and ultimately, to firm up those wobbly bits.

Sadly, it can’t promise to help your hair grow, increase the length of your legs or help with make up, but firm those thighs up through ‘death by squats’ it can.

Ready for the off!

As someone who exercises quite regularly, enjoys training and likes to mix up the types of exercise I do, I was pleasantly surprised by the technical nature of the programme. RWL is not just bouncing around looking pretty, far from it. It is a well crafted exercise programme that balances HIIT and resistance routines leaving you in no doubt that you have completed a challenging work out at the end of every session.

Planking hard!

As someone who exercises regularly, I was interested to see how I found the course. Would I find it easy, would it test me enough, would it keep me interested?

It did all of the above and I enjoyed it! The range of exercises were varied and interesting. The sessions went really quick which is always a bonus and I certainly felt like I had worked out!

I should state that I am still going with it. I actually dip in and out. I go through phases of wanting to exercise and home and go to the gym. I've learnt to go with that. The beauty of programmes like Results with Lucy ( is that it gives you the flexibility.

I enjoyed the flexibility of the programme

As it is important to be honest in a review, I wanted to touch on the aspects which didn’t work so well for me. There are occasional dance aspects to the training which I didn’t get on with. Mainly because I can’t dance and felt like a bit of a plonker doing salsa in the kitchen on my own.

I also found it slightly hard to navigate on the mobile, meaning I had to get my laptop out each time. A minor fact but it did mean that if I had wanted to go and do a RWL session at the gym when i wouldn't have my laptop only my mobile, I would felt slightly put off.

But ending on a high, for busy Mothers who don’t have time for hour long sessions at the gym, or indeed can’t justify the costs that come with joining the gym, programmes like Results with Lucy really are the way forward.

If you are interested in following my fitness stuff and other every day parenting struggles, we document a lot over on our instagram page @upllhoursphotos.

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