Review of Nuffield Health – The Final Session

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So, my final session with Charlotte was upon me, before the gluttony of Christmas began and I have to say I was really sad that I had come to the end of my time with Nuffield Health.

Saved review for later

This post reveals all, my progress and essentially my review of Nuffield Health in general.

As a Gym, it was far and away the nicest one I had been to, I think that the Gillette Dads had played their part, but also the building itself, with all the windows and light, was a really lovely place to walk in to and spend some time, away from the chaos and noise of home.

I had learnt so much from Charlotte, mainly that I don’t push myself nearly hard enough, but also that personal training in some capacity really does alter the results you can achieve. Investing in some PT sessions at some point really is invaluable and brings a whole new dimension, to doing exercise in general.

Despite all the running that I am now doing in preparation for the Marathon, I know that I will never be as out of breath as I was on that first session with Charlotte and that is because she knew how to push all of my fitness buttons – ones I didn’t even know I had!

So it was time for the dreaded final measurements.

The scales don't lie

Below I have listed my starting measurements and end measurements and I have to say, that in 6 weeks, I was pretty impressed, all Charlotte’s hard work had paid off.

Measurement Week 1 Week 6 Total Loss
Weight 82 kgs 78 kgs 4 kgs
Waist 103 cm 92.5 cm 10.5 cm
Hips 110 cm 106 cm 4 cm

So if there is one thing as parents, we can take from this it is that in this New Year, invest some time (and money) in yourself and your fitness. It is worth it and if you are prepared to invest in some long-term goals you will get there, with a hell of a lot of sweat and an awful lot of juggling, but you will get there and it is great when you do!

The weight of expectation!

Nuffield Health: Best Bits

I am aware that thanks to the shock and awe campaign that has been my personal training regime at Nuffield Health with Charlotte, I have not told you much about the Gym itself and the other facilities on offer, so here goes:

  1. Location, Location, Location: The Gym is set in playing fields with great big windows meaning that there is plenty of natural daylight in the building at all times which now a days is a rarity with Gyms cramming into basements and office blocks in a desperate attempt to find big enough spaces to house them.

  2. Sink or Swim: Swim! The pool is a winner clean and has swimming lanes clearly marked so that you know that if you go there, there will always be somewhere you can swim without having to avoid the odd drowning child.

  3. A change is as good as a rest: I often dread the changing rooms of Gyms as they tend to whiff a bit and tend to be full of naked bodies you really wish you had never seen. I am happy to say however that the changing rooms are big enough to loose yourself in and even have changing cubicle if you don’t want to be mentally scarred for life. There also seems to be a permanent army of cleaning people whenever I am there so the changing rooms are usually spotless. In addition there is a separate family changing area meaning that the family chaos is contained.

  4. Park and Ride: There is 2 hrs free parking when you are using the Gym which means that you can swing by on the way to or from the School run and fit in a Spin cycle without picking up a ticket.

  5. Something for everyone: There is a myriad of other services on offer at the Gym: A nutritionist, Physiotherapist, Massage therapist, you name it they have it. Everything under one roof.

  6. Café Culture: The café is actually very nice with great coffee and food that you actually want to eat – this is a new one for me as at other Gyms I have been to the Café seems to be a poor after thought.

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