Pulsin fruity oat bars

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Pulsin, the brand behind some of our favourite protein snacks, have only gone and introduced a kid’s range. If you aren’t aware of Pulsin, they make super healthy snack bars, all of which are high in protein, organic and vegan. As someone who eats them personally (and I eat a lot!) this is welcome news.

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The new Kids range consists of three fruity ‘flavours’, Orange Choc Chip, Strawberry, and Apple and Blackcurrant.

All the bars are made with real fruit and natural ingredients. Gluten, dairy and soya free. What struck us was the great packaging, not too childlike but attractive to children, this is carried through into the product which are sweet but not too sweet. Obviously we tried them first!

We put the bars to the test with Barney and Leo aged 5, and Elodie aged 7 from the Up All Hours review panel. The results were unanimous- a resounding Yes. They were a hit.

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A great energy boost, not too big, not too filling and not too sweet.

In our opinion, the 'Orange Choc Chip' bars are a great chocolate hit, with full chocolate chips in them. They solve the problem of children asking for chocolate and you not wanting to give them a suger filled chocolate bar, something which many parents prefer to avoid.

From here on in, a Pulsin Oat bar will be a regular addition to the handbag for handy snack material.

Pulsin Barney

I would like to state though that buying the bars in bulk does come with its downfalls, I like the Orange Choc Chip bars a little bit too much, and combined with complete lack of willpower, having a supply of them in the house is challenging!

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