Morphsuits - The number one parenting Halloween essential

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With Halloween just around the corner the lovely lot at Morphcostumes sent us over a couple of their best Halloween Morphsuits to try out in advance of the Witching Hour!

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For those of you that aren’t familiar with a Morphsuit they are a spandex all in one number, that allows you to “morph” (see what they did there!) into whichever Superhero or Halloween nasty you fancy. There is no need even to search out the perfect accessories for your outfit as they are all included, as the Morphsuit covers you from top to bottom including your head which means you have the perfect “mask” built in! Isn’t that a bit claustrophobic? I hear you ask. Well, I have to admit I was a bit worried about this as I get really funny with things over my face but I am delighted to report that once you get used to it, it isn’t nearly as odd as you think it’s going to be.

The Morphsuit I have been reviewing (that’s pushing it somewhat really, I think prancing around the house scaring the kids and the neighbours would be more accurate!) is the 'Zalgo' Morphsuit and Sam went for the slightly more terrifying 'The Mouth' Morphsuit. I’m not going to lie the reason I went for the ‘Zalgo’ was because the thought of squeezing my 4 month pregnant body into an all in one latex condom (for want of a better description) filled me with dread and I figured it would be somewhere up there with trying to get toothpaste back into the tube, messy and impossible! So with this in mind, I figured the flattering lines of the Zalgo might help! I am pleased to say they did! It wasn’t nearly as lumpy and bumpy as I feared and not a camel toe in sight either!

My suit came with the added bonus of spooky fingers which meant that I was physically unable to do housework which also meant that I wore it far more than legitimately needed!


Sam and I decided that in order to put the suits to the test for us parents, we needed to use them in everyday parenting situations and here is what we learnt:

  • With enough warning and delicate coaxing the kids to do not need therapy because of them.
  • Housework in a Morphsuit is impossible – result!
  • Wearing a Morphsuit on the school run negates the need for outfit planning, hair washing and make up – another parenting plus!
  • Wearing a Morphsuit on the school run does result in a lot of odd looks and in the current “Killer Clown” climate, may have been ill advised!
  • Morphsuits are surprisingly flattering
  • Morphsuits are one of the most comfortable things you will ever wear and can even be accessorised with a pair of heels!

So the result of our review was that we are new Morphsuit converts! They are a must for Halloween and the best bit is that they do them for the kids too, so they can get in on the action and remember a Morphsuit is not just for Halloween they have them for every occasion!

To check out how we got on check out our Morphsuit Halloween Review Video and to see how essential they are for the pregnant ladies amongst you check out Aly’s Pregnancy Products!

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