La Belle Assiette Review

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Looking to enjoy a meal with your other half this Valentines night or any night for that matter but can’t face hitting the restaurants with every other couple? The Up All Hours team reviewed a wonderful alternative in the form of La Belle Assiette.

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Your boobs are leaking, you don’t fit into any of your ‘going out jeans’ and the thought of styling your hair isn’t really appealing to you right now. On top of that, you can’t find a babysitter willing to spend the most romantic night of the year with your newborn watching Sleepless In Seattle on the sofa.

Valentines night as a new mother isn’t up high on the propriety list. Going out in general isn’t really. But quality time with the other half is all important and necessary to remain sane.

That is where La Belle Assiette can step in and save the day, or we should say the night, this Valentines.

We were lucky enough to experience the service first hand before Christmas. A group of six of us gathered round Aly's table in Clapham to be cooked for by a chef, who comes to your house and cooks in your kitchen.

Working on the mains in Aly's kitchen

Explained simply that is how is works. You pick the menu based on the type of food you fancy, choose the time of service you would like, and select the number of guests. You can then scan to see what chefs are available and view their carefully thought out menus. Book and pay online and job done.

The chef arrives at your home, sets up in your kitchen and cooks for you and your guests. Or, you and your other half, the choice is yours. It is a unique experience to have a qualified chef cooking up a storm in your kitchen whilst you engage in adult conversation over a glass of something in the lounge. But an experience that we at Up All Hours, very much enjoyed.

Chef Rosie serving the canapes

We offer praise where praise is due, especially to products and services that we feel really can help out parents. Even more so if it is one on hand to help out a sleep deprived parent. Of which most of us are! And genuinely we love this service. The value it has for families with children, particularly but not excusively, newborns is clear. You remember those days? The whole process is simple, from booking online to waving the chef off at the end of the night, when they have cooked for you and cleaned your kitchen.

Prices start with the ‘Temptation’ service at £39 a head to the ‘Signature’ service at £89 upwards. You can pay in one go as the host, or even split the bill online, amongst your friends. You choose what time you would like your chef to arrive so, if indigestion is a problem for any pregnant ones out there, you can have your dinner from as early as 11.00am. Although granted this may count as breakfast!

La Belle Assiette also offer gift packages and cooking classes which would make a wonderful gift for new parents. I mean seriously, the gift of food and someone to cook it for you? For me, it’s what dreams are made off.

Chef Rosie explaining the menu for the evening

The fully qualified chefs are pro’s so don’t be worrying about the state of the house, or the size of the kitchen. If you are anything like me you don’t particularly like opening your home up to strangers and would worry that the kitchen is too cramped but honestly, the whole experience is designed to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, so go with it and enjoy the rarity.

Pudding is served!

For more information on La Bella Asssiette you can visit their Website where the menus and chefs are ready for your perusal. I do, however, warn you not to visit when you are hungry.

SPECIAL OFFER ALERT! - La Bella Assiette have partnered with AppleYard London, a wonderful boutique florist so that everyone booking for valentines will receive a bouquet! Simply enter VDAYFLOWERS16 at the checkout and a beautiful bouquet will arrive to your home on the day of your dinner! Earning extra brownie points!

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