Hape Discovery Box

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The lovely folk of Hape, one of the largest producers of wooden toys, sent us a Discovery Box which Cat's 18 month old, Dexter, gave a test drive.

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Five sides of activities keep little hands in constant motion including a wire bead maze, abacus, mirror, colour whell and spinning face.

hape box

The Up All Hours team all love a wooden toy and Dexter also really enjoyed playing with this - at one point, his 7 year old brother even got involved and they had a lovely play together, exploring what the box could do. It's a toy Dexter keeps going back to as he loves spinning, twisting and generally fidgeting with all the bits.

Hape box 2

The box is very sturdy, made to last and to be frank, is a refreshing change from the usual plastic eyesores that some baby toys can be! In addition, it's very affordable at only £18.99 on Amazon so would also make a great gift. You know how sometimes you want to present a sizable gift, well this is it! ;)

All in all, it's a wonderful learning and play station that we'd highly recommend.

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