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The old pevlic muslces can often be a touchy suject! Lets cut to the chase, we're talking pelvic floor muscles in this frankly, very frank, review.

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Sooo...This is Elvie

This is Elvie

Elvie is your most personal trainer. Elive trains your pelvic floor muscles, it is there to build up the strength and allow you to measure the improvement in real time. 

Elvie really is something to behold. Personaly, I love the design, it is, for something that you pop inside you, beautiful. No leads, lumps, bumps or buttons to see here. It is smooth, clean and literally, seamless. I have never shown so many people something that I was going to be wearing, internally! 

Elvie works via bluetooth, it speaks to the app on your phone. Once inserted you follow instructions to set up your profile and begin your training programme . The app, the instructions and the whole process is clear, concise and the tech, seamless. There’s that word again. But honestly, it couldn’t be easier, so if you are worried that your technophobia could be a problem, I assure you it won’t be. 

Right, so, lets talk about my pelvic floor! Hell yeah! I’m not embarrassed about it. I think that once you’ve pushed a child out of your nether regions, speaking honestly about peeing yourself when you sneeze, is standard everyday conversation. Much like poo, sex after child birth and how bloody knackered you are. 

I’m pleased to report that my first encounter with Elive was a great success! Well, it was in the sense that it didn’t just fall straight out once I had popped it in. Lets be honest, we all worry that we have a ‘bucket fanny’ after childbirth, so slight relief there! 😃 

I felt the need to use it for the first time with my husband sitting on the sofa watching TV. Not sure why. You can stand up or lie down once Elvie is in place, so whatever suits you. I found lying down much easier and more relaxing. 

To start the process you tense, which causes the little gem on the app to move. You there follow a series of five exercises, I called them games when explaining it to friends, where you are instructed to move your gem accordingly. Picture Super Mario jumping up and down to grab those coins, except you are controlling him with your fanny. 

My husband commented that I was unable to tense without pulling a face and I did actually note that i tensed my neck muscles during the lift exercises but that aside, I think I did rather well. Now granted, I don’t have anyone else’s pelvic floor muscles score to compare mine to but I was happy that I could complete the exercises comfortably and my score was in the 90’s! 

However, I knew that there was room for improvement. A bout of cold had struck me at the time I began the review and coughing was proving testing! I also enjoy exercise and it’s important to me that I can exercise without having to worry about each star jump landing.

So I kept going, ensuring that I had some Elvie time at least twice a week. There were a number of surprising factors to Elvie. The first being that you do have to work at it! It is challenging. Your pelvic floor muscles, are exactly that, muscles. Your stomach muscles don’t pop back into place after birth (or ever in my case!) you have to work at building them up and train them to be stronger. The same applies with the old pelvic floor but in this case you don’t have to go the gym to do so. No gym membership required here. 

The second, it gets addictive and it bought out my (infamous) competitive streak. Albeit with myself but I like a challenge, so getting the training in, quickly became part of my weekly routine. 

In all seriousness, I did take this review really seriously. I have noticed a real improvement with the strength in my pelvic floor and have actually enjoyed the process, which is something I have to admit I didn’t think I would saying. Being able to measure and see the progress is very valuable and helps to keep you motivated. 

Elvie Charging Case

What I love about Elvie and the wonderful team behind it is that they want to make the whole topic of the ‘wetting yourself when you sneeze' something that is discussed openly and freely. There should be no stigma surrounding it and it certainly shouldn’t be something that women are embarrassed about. Hell, there are worse things. Much worse and as mothers, we have had more people prodding around down there than we would like to admit to. And I don’t mean in an enjoyable way. Weak pelvic floor shouldn't be accepted by women as something they have to live or with deal with in silence. It can be worked on and improved. Just needs a little bit of time, a little bit of dedication and a little bit of Elvie. 

Elvie will set you back £149.00 but get what you pay for and it’s a personal trainer that you will stick with for life so it is an investment, sure, but a worthwhile one for a life of being able to sneeze without stopping to cross your legs. For more information on Elvie or to purchase your own, visit their website here

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