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So here’s the thing, I love the heat. Love, love, love it. But I don’t do it gracefully. Far from it. I’m a sweater and not of the luxury cashmere kind. More a viscose one that’s been washed a couple of times. Throw in the frizzy hair and I’m a delight!

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I’ve always gotten hot at night. I sleep in very little due to this and where possible, I love to sleep with a window open. Whilst I’m rambling, I’ve never been comfortable with sleeping naked. You never know when you might have to leap out of bed in an emergency? Plus, as Barney’s got older I’m not sure he’d want to cuddle in bed with his naked mother! Furthermore, the husband would think it was open season, which it most definitely is not.

So, let me introduce Cucumber Clothing. They design clothes to keep you cool. Nancy and Eileen are two very smart women. I’m not just saying that, I mean it. I had the pleasure of meeting them both personally and I love what they are doing with Cucumber and how they are going about it.

Making women feel great is important - at all times but especially, in my mind, after you’ve had children. At a time when you don’t necessarily feel yourself, when your clothes don’t fit the same and the temptation to wander around in your husband's oversized tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt is strong. I speak from experience.

We don’t recommend anything at Up All Hours that we haven’t tired ourselves. Our reviews are from the heart, so this has been written after I, Sam, have given my gifted sleep two-piece (images below) a thorough trial run. They even traveled with me to warmer climates when I was working in Jordon and the South of France.

WHITE ruched vest

I can honestly say the material is just amazing. It feels amazing to the touch and like pure luxury when it's on. You can tell that the clothes aren’t cheap and you can tell, very importantly, that they are quality items which will last. As Nancy and Eileen acknowledge, the price point is high, but it is high for a reason. You are investing in items that will last you a lifetime.

My husband taught me the philosophy of ‘buy it cheap, buy it twice’ and as I have grown up, I find myself adhering to it more and more. It’s true, whilst the initial investment can be hard to stomach, once you’ve made the move and you realise how good the items make you feel, it all becomes worth it. I can honestly say that I feel a million dollars in my Cucumber two-piece. I hands up admit that I have never really invested in nightwear; my poor husband has seen some sights over the years I assure you and now I really regret not doing so. All those wasted nights of not going to bed feeling good!

And lets discuss the main USP of the items; the wicking fabric. It is, as the ladies informed me, intelligent fabric. Both fel,t that people are slightly uneducated about man made fabrics, they can be seen as bad but did you know that cotton is actually the worst thing you can wear when you are hot? Who knew?!

So, the clothing applies to and takes into consideration; the larger lady who gets hotter, the lady getting the hot flushes of menopause, the breastfeeding mother who is hot and bothered AND needs to be able to easily whip a boob out and women in general who want to feel good and enjoy what they wear.

I can reliably inform you that I noticed the difference. I felt cooler and more comfortable. I haven’t woken up sweaty or even had my sleep interrupted due to being too hot once when wearing my Cucumber items.

I am a complete convert and I fully intend to expand my every day wardrobe with some key Cucumber pieces. You see, the ladies realised pretty quickly into their Cucumber journey that the items weren’t just to be worn in bed. In fact, women quickly reported back that they would wear them out and about, so the brand now no longer just sells nightmare, it sells every day clothing.

For sweat free nights, gorgeous clothes and a little boost in confidence that we all deserve, I urge you to check them out.

A candid morning cucumber selfie!

Chatting with Nancy and Eileen

As I had the opportunity to sit down with Nancy and Eileen over coffee I thought it would be good to get to, know them a bit better. We like to delve behind the brand here at Up All Hours, so I posed the key need to know questions with the Up All Hours ‘quick fire round’


Up All Hours Watching... Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime - US crime drama starring Bryan Cranston. I've just finished the first series and there is a second out already. I was clearly late to discover it! Also, Fauda on Netflix - it's an Israeli political thriller.

Up All Hours Reading… I’ve just finished reading ‘Stay With Me’ by Ayobami Adebayo. I loved it.

Up All Hours Wearing… Cucumber obviously!

Up All Hours Listening To… I love all music. Hall and Oates (shows my age) or Beethoven piano sonatas.

Up All Hours Eating… I eat all food an lots of it. Anything out of Sabrina Ghayour’s cook books, especially Persiana.

If you could be Up All Hours with anyone, who would it be…. For my ‘Up All Hours’ companion I would choose either Phillip Roth or Rohinton Mistry – my two favourite authors – although they are very different…


Up All Hours Watching… Gone With The Wind.

Up All Hours Reading… The History of Bees, Maja Lunde.

Up All Hours Wearing… Cucumber!

Up All Hours Listening To… Portugal. The Man. And Hall and Oates.

Up All Hours Eating… Poke Bowls.

If you could be Up All Hours with anyone... my husband.

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