' 2 Birds 1 Stone' with Nuffield Health: The Third Session

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Session 3 came around very quickly for a number of reasons.

Saved review for later

The main one being - I didn’t want to see Charlotte, my lovely trainer from Nuffield Health

Sam and I had been filming on Wednesday and I had fallen well and truly off the wagon on Tuesday – so much so, that I ended up wearing a high vis jacket and a fur hat, sleeping in my sons bunk bed!

The hangover on Wednesday was epic and resulted in me eating my hefty body weight in pizza, ginger biscuits and mince pies - a Nutritionist’s dream (i was so looking forward to the weigh-in as you can imagine!)

The weigh in - need i say more?

In addition because of the filming and various other things, I had managed only 1 visit to the gym and worst of all, I had finally received news that I had a place in the London Marathon in April!


Panic stricken was the understatement of the century.

Off the back of a 2 day hangover I gingerly entered the Gym, to see Charlotte. I gave her edited highlights of how the week had been and warned her that it might not be the best of sessions.

Off on the treadmill we went and about 5 mins in , the familiar twinge in the ankle started.

FYI - I have rubbish joints.

I am not small and never have been and this, along with a propensity to do things in an ‘all or nothing’ fashion, especially exercise, has meant that my joints (knees and ankles especially) are not very happy at the moment.

Charlotte stopped immediately and got me to stretch it out and it seemed to improve, I was secretly hoping that tragically, this week’s torture might have to be postponed or, better yet, cancelled but sadly not.

This is another ‘good’ thing about PT - if you are on your own, you would just give up and go home but Charlotte was able to listen to what was up and then adapt the session to continue the torture, just in a different way.

I was thrilled.

So lunges with weights came, followed by the stairs again, which I really couldn’t do, so we did squats and core for what felt like hours and I still felt like I was dying even though it wasn’t cardio.

Eye of the tiger

I finished the session pretty down hearted, as I was worried that, yet again, the body was going to let me down but Charlotte reminded me that it is not all about the cardio. The weight training is just as important, as it trains your muscles to break down fat and continue to do so long after the session has finished.

In addition she reminded me that I will still be able to do the Marathon no matter what state my body is in, it will just be a matter of adapting my training to suit my body’s limitations.

Oh thank – flipping – goodness for that.

There goes that excuse then.

Onwards and upwards, April 24th here I come (all be it very, very slowly!)

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