' 2 Birds 1 Stone' with Nuffield Health: The Second Session

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So session two with Charlotte happened today and I would like to say that I breezed through it but I think you all know, I that that was never going to happen!

Saved review for later

I had managed 3 independent visits to the gym in the week, which was great and I have to say that having to make time for myself is making me realise how little of it I have had, up to now. Us parents need to make more time for ourselves, I am realising it is the way to stay sane.

I am getting into a routine and the advantage of the Gym is that once I am there I know what I am meant to be doing and how I am meant to be doing it, so there is less chance of me slacking off, or making excuses for not doing something. I even found myself trying to go a bit faster or a bit further, which was a new one for me.

On one of my un-accompanied sessions, a smug couple had a good giggle at my circuit as I huffed and puffed through it, while they effortlessly held the plank for what felt like an hour. I was a bit self-conscious following that but then I realised that they just didn’t KNOW.

They didn’t know the thunder that was coming their way once they had kids...

  • No more working out together : the cost of childcare prohibits that.
  • No more buff bodies : not after the stretch marks and the countless nights in in front of the telly.

Oh no, they were still in blissful ignorance so let them laugh, at least I was tackling it head on!

Although looking at my fluro self in the mirror I couldn’t really blame them for a bit of a laugh – note to self must invest in more appropriate lycra and watch the camel toe!

Charlotte kept the circuit pretty similar to week one, in order I think, to let me get comfortable with it (well as comfortable as it was ever going to get) and let it “bed in” as it were.

I did have the added embarrassment of running up and down the stairs in the Gym this week, with a Burpee at the end of each flight.

Charlotte wanted 6 repetitions of this living hell, which seemed doable but with the bevvy of ripped Dad’s sitting casually on the weights machines, watching me, I am not going to lie, I was pretty sad that I wasn’t wearing my control pants and a more supportive bra.

3 in - I collapsed on the floor panting like someone who had just escaped from the desert, gasping for breath and Charlotte seemed happy that she had broken me and so, ended the torture.

Charlotte - she looks so kind, looks can be deceiving!

Again, and I really don’t want to come across as a changed woman because I am definitely not, yet, but I really enjoyed the session and I think that this might be where I have been going wrong previously.

No other Gym I have been to, has the number of personal trainers that Nuffield Health seems to have and I think having that weekly session is ensuring I don’t get bored and that I feel guilty enough to go regularly the rest of the week, so that I don’t let Charlotte down and subsequently endure more pain and humiliation.

Even when I am not having a PT session with her, there are lots of the other trainers on hand, to offer imaginative ways to make my body hurt more and me want to weep!

At the weigh in and measuring (more on that another time, enough ritual humiliation for one week, i think!) Charlotte subtly hinted that I might want to knock the booze on the head (you can tell that the progress is not what she is expecting!) so this week I, I, I, am going………T Total!

The dreaded measurements

God help me and more importantly, God help my poor family!

So tune in next week so see if I make it through a week, booze free, without killing my other half and the kids!

Jesus the things I do for this website!

You can get to know more about Nuffield Health through their social channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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