'2 Birds 1 Stone' with Nuffield Health: The Fourth Session

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Session 4 at Nuffield Health should now be a breeze but no matter how much excersie i do, for some reason, i am still always nervous of it!

Saved review for later

With the, quite frankly life altering news, that I was going to be doing a sodding marathon in April, my ever helpful husband had got me all set up with a Marathon training programme, the likes of which I strongly feel Mo Farah himself would struggle with.

So I had, in effect, been living at Nuffield Health in a state of blind panic, desperately trying to run – away preferably, but mainly in fact, towards the large mirrors in front of the running machines.

Having to slowly watch my face turn, from a fairly unattractive pasty white colour, to an even more alarming puce colour as the kilometres ticked by, was fairly depressing but the mirrors did allow for a 360o view of the Gym and all the Gillette Dads (I may have mentioned them previously?!) which made it almost pleasurable.

In my blind panic at the Marathon news I overdid the miles again and the ankles weren’t that happy but Charlotte, ever the “helpful” trainer that she is, managed to adapt her preferred torture methods to accommodate my injury.

So this week I got to do pull ups.

You will have seen people doing these very happily in gym’s and playgrounds up and down the country – I have no idea how, they quite frankly, require super-human strength!

I happily got on the machine which Charlotte reliably informed me would make the process far easier. It did. Until she took away the weight assistance. Then I was left dangling like some sort of deranged idiot!

Hanging Tough - well almost!

I was delighted that my injury was going to get me out of the dreaded Mountain Climbers, i hate these ore than anything else she makes me do mainly because a) I get SO out of breath b) Because my t-shirt rides up and reveals my ever so attractive Mum Tum to the entire Gym

So i was thrilled not to be able to do them, that was until Charlotte put me on the climbing machine. It looked so simple but God the resistance made it feel like you were walking up stairs with blocks of concrete on your feet……and hands.

I have had a tough week this week, as I have managed to ruin Christmas by losing all of the children’s Christmas presents, having had my very smug “Look how organised I am doing all my Christmas Shopping in one go” Amazon order, delivered to our old address.

Not only that but I didn’t really realise that they hadn’t turned up for about 4 days, by which point the new people living at our old address had refused delivery and now God knows where they are.

Anyway, I am glad to say that Charlotte provided the prefect outlet for all this pent up frustration in the form of the ropes.

Looking ropey!

Two giant heavy ropes that you bang and slap to your hearts content – I think I could of gone on for hours if it wasn’t for the acute burning sensation in my arms.

The following day I could barely pull my jeans up let alone lift that all important coffee cup!

Still onward and upwards, plenty of running to be done before i next see Charlotte so i have a feeling Nuffield Health is slowly becoming my second home - much nicer than my actual one in fact!

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