'2 Birds 1 Stone' with Nuffield Health

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So, as many of you know at the beginning of the year I, being Aly from the Up All Hours team, started the ‘2 Birds 1 Stone’ challenge.

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This is me with my two kids

In a bid to shift a stone and get exercise into my daily routine, our lovely PT Kate put together a do at home programme, which I loved.

I totally got the exercise bug, for the first time ever and in addition to the programme, started to run too. I am not a girl that does things by halves and I am also very impatient so, rather than take it slowly, I did too much, too soon, which resulted in a myriad of injuries, which rather hampered my progress!

Kate has recently got married, so I am giving her a well earned break and as road work and my joints are not getting on so well, when I got an e mail from Nuffield Health, it could not have come at a better time.

They have asked me to use their Gym in Wandsworth for 6 weeks, along with one of their personal trainers Charlotte, to see if I can flight the flab before Christmas.

I have to admit that I am sceptical as I always thought that Nuffield Health was a place where the golden oldies went to work out.

This does have an upside however, as it means my embarrassment at huffing and puffing like a steam train, will not be further compounded, by having to do this in front of a bunch of young, fit, lithe, gym bunnies and it also means I don’t need to invest in a whole new gym wardrobe!

I will report back on this, I have a feeling that my misconceptions will be very wrong. From what I have heard so far, Nuffield Health is great for all ages and fitness ability.

So, stay tuned to see this overweight, under motivated, working 2 jobs, Mum of two try and get fit and battle the Mum tum over one of the most debauched seasons of the year!

It is not going to be pretty but it will be honest:

· I will do a weigh in each week

· I will do my measurements at the beginning and at the end

· I will take plenty of red faced, lycra clad shots to prove that we don’t all look like Gisele when we work out

WHY? You may ask.

Well because I feel passionately that exercise is a vital part of being a parent.

I have done it both ways with no exercise in my life and with some and I tell you, I am a better parent when I am exercising.

It forces you to make time for yourself which parents are bad at. It gets you out of the house. It gives you a vital hit of endorphins. It makes you feel better about yourself.

Yes, it is hard to fit it in to the carrousel of parental life but even if you can fit it in once a week, it is better than nothing at all.

Look at me – I am no gym bunny. I am a Mum, trying to make it work and I hope that by me documenting my struggle with exercise, it will empower a few of you to have a go too.

So, wish me luck and let me know how you are getting on to!

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