Mrs Mullen

Mrs Mullen

Sleep-deprived mum of four

I have four children aged four years and under, one husband and one hound.

I am renowned for being #Knuckingfackered and have been given a platform in which I can act as contraception for anyone considering having more than one child. And as a support mechanism for my peers who are daft enough, like me, to already to have a houseful. Hell, this is a public service people!

This is me, my crazy and hectic life, the Mullen massive, the brood. I really hope I can bring a bit of humour, reality and honesty into how knackering but equally how amazing this whole crazy ride is. Sleep deprivation? Bring it on! I’ve been 'Up all hours' for years, and at least now, thanks to the wonders of technology, I’ve come to know some other sleep-deprived crazies too.

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