Kat and Bump


Documenting pregnancy and 1st time parenting, one daily vomit at a time

Peeing on a stick (a few times over) marks the initiation of the scariest time of your life. Becoming a parent, aka shitting yourself. Then, 40 weeks later you’re having conversations that your 20/30/40-something self, never imagined possible.

As someone with, lets say, ‘anal’ organisation skills I was determined to crack the parenting code, but the universe had other plans. From 4-25 weeks I suffered from extreme hyperemesis and was hospitalised on a drip. At 15 weeks I slipped a disc, trapped a nerve and became bed-ridden for 3 weeks. I had an underactive thyroid, UTIs, a baby that was in the lowest growth percentile, oh and at 20 weeks relocated our family from Sydney to London!

I felt completely isolated as this side of pregnancy isn’t often spoken about: the only glowing I did, was from my phone.
At 3am. Googling if what I was going through was normal. By sharing my journey of pregnancy and 1st time parenting discoveries with you, my only hope is to help one person, in a similar situation, know that they’re not alone: it’s not all roses, and that’s okay.

And it’s also okay to vomit in the Apple Store. Or on a bus. Or in a churchyard. All will be forgiven.

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