Katie Hale

Katie Hale

Working Mum of one with a love of handbags & shoes

I’m very new to this parenting game. My son is now ten months old (no idea where those months went) and I have found writing about this mad ride, that is parenting, to be a great creative outlet not to mention a wonderful support network.

By day I am an internal communications specialist and Mummy and by night, while my son naps or is at nursery I am Mum Blogger! (Tadahhhhh!)

I have fibbed a little, I’m also Mum to a fur baby Harvey Dog (or Wolfpack) who is very much at the centre of our family universe and who features a lot on my Instagram.

I love everything, dog, gin, tea and cake related, my husband would say I also have a handbag and shoe problem but I think he’s blowing that way out of proportion.

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