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Mother of two. Wife. Part time worker. Aberdeenshire, Scotland

When the reality of motherhood had fully tango-slapped me in the face, it wasn’t long before I started using the phrase “nae glamour wi’ weans”. Once I pulled myself together enough to put pen to paper, a mere 5 years later, my little corner of the blogging world, NaeGlamour.com, was born.

Living in the wilds of North East Scotland, I’m a part-time healthcare worker for the Grand Ol’ Nash, a slave to two offspring and chief hen pecker of an understanding hubgrub, who gets his own back by contributing greatly to the family mission to frazzle my remaining grey matter.

I think it’s best to be gently honest about parenting experiences, as it’s often a sticky, messy, frustrating, sometimes overwhelming but mostly wonderfully joyous rollercoaster. I find it helps to know there’s someone else on the same ride!

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