Mum of two boys, Gin drinker & member of Team Up All Hours!

Hi, I'm Cat, mum of two boys, Fin, 7 and Dexter, 16 months. I wasn't new to the parenting game when I had Dexter, but I was new to the “honest” parenting game. I spent Fin’s early years crippled by the fear of not being the 'perfect’ parent and wasted countless hours worrying about, well, EVERYTHING.

I'm pleased to say this time around, there's a lot more support and honesty out there and I'm more than happy to add my voice to that!

Having taken over a year off after Dexter was born, the stars aligned when I didn't get an HR job that I thought I really wanted, so now I get to write for you lovely lot and be a part of the Up All Hours community.

Aside from loving the outdoors and a decent ramble with the family at the weekend, I also appreciate a good gin and tonic. I spend too much time on Instagram, too much money on beauty products and have way too many pairs of trainers.

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