Caroline 2

Caroline Eyles

Mother of one with another one on the way and aspiring author

Previously deluded pregnant lady Caroline is an 'enlightened' mother of one to her little toddler Autumn. Enlightened not only through her ongoing Buddhist practise (essential for adopting new levels of patience at 2am!) but now also awakened to the reality and hardships that parenthood brings having been rudely wrenched her out of her naive 'I was born to be a mother' fantasy, all revealed in her refreshingly honest writing.

Caroline has previously written for both local and national newspapers, international trade magazines as well as managing the content for a number of well-known TV personalities. She has put her career on hold to be a 'full-time' Mum while also attempting to fulfil her ambitions of becoming an author, in between changing nappies, watching In the Night Garden and of course, writing for

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