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  • Name: Caz and Craig Makepeace
  • Children: Savannah, 2.5yrs and Kalyra 6yrs
  • Where: On the road! The Bruce Highway, to be exact, Queensland, Australia

Up All Hours was thrilled to catch up with The Makepeace family. Serial travellers and bloggers Caz and Craig are currently road tripping around Australia with their two daughters, Savannah and Kalyra. Yep, you heard correctly: the Makepeace family live to travel and travel to live! Founders of Australia’s biggest travel blog, yTravel Blog with 4.3 million followers on Pinterest – their family travelling lifestyle inspires millions of people around the globe. We’re thrilled they’re going to spill the beans on achieving the travelling life many of us dream about.

Saved interview for later

First of all it has to be said, you are two of the nicest – yet hard working – travel bloggers there are, and here at Up All Hours we really respect parents who finds the balance between being driven, hardworking and inspiring. You certainly fit the bill! How do you manage it?

(In unison) We don’t sleep! {Editor’s note: I believe them!} In all seriousness, doing what we love helps. We wake up happy, and our heads aren’t taken up with the stress of doing things we don’t love. We’ve followed our passion; most people have a two week holiday yet we do the ‘holiday’ full time. When you do what you love, you’re happier people.

We couldn’t agree more! What gets you out of bed in the morning and inspires you on a day to day basis?

Knowing that we spend every day doing what we love. We’re in complete control of how it looks. We’re excited to awake each day as we know it's going to be different, full of adventure, yet spent with the people we love.

Climbing Mt Kosciuszko

Being in control of your day is a great tip, and we all know there isn’t a magic secret to success: You’ve even blogged about the 'secret' of your "luck" being about action and commitment, not luck. This magical “luck” aside, what would you say to those wanting to follow their passion, whilst raising a family?

First of all figure out what your passion is – that’s actually the difficult part. Don’t dabble in all areas, find a focus. Be flexible and stick with it. We realise that the alternative to what we do is more painful. Any passion takes commitment, but there is always a solution to the challenges that you face… and of course you grow when faced with these.

Cradle Mountain

And your top tip?

Always have a bottle of wine handy!! In all seriousness, understand the mantra, "This too shall pass." It will help you get through the tough times and to savour the good ones. Nothing will ever last so you might as well stay present, learn the lesson and enjoy what's here for you now.

Personally I think you’re crazy… and extremely brave.

We do feel insane most of the time! But it’s a good adventure, and keeps us fresh!

The burning question: how do you manage to work full time with your girls literally coming into the office with you?!

There isn’t a set structure, as every day is different, but we’re a tag team! We get up before they do to fit in a few hours’ work, and we go to bed after they do. One of us will go out with the kids to teach or have experiences, whilst the other works. Throughout the day we fit in a ‘normal days’ work; social media, writing posts, taking photographs and responding to emails. We also involve the girls, for example by getting them to take photos for our posts.

Bruny Island

Inspiring everyday travellers and discovering life is such a focal point for YTravel Blog, what practical advice can you offer to other parents who want to follow in your footsteps and work/travel with children?

Our kids have been travelling since they were born, so they’re used to our way of life, and we’ve managed their expectations from a young age. Our top practical tip is picking destinations that they will enjoy too; it keeps them involved. We’re not the kind of parents who hang out in museums, we like life experiences! The ‘Y’ is in our URL… Why do we do what we do? We do it to create memories – we share together and learn together. It’s important to remember why you’re doing it.

Learning together, that’s a great next topic! As a teacher, Caz, you’re clearly trained in this area but – as you home school your girls – how do you get the balance between what’s ‘home’ and what’s ‘school’ time?

No matter what life you have all parents face the same challenges, just in different formats. We have to put a lot of structure in place to manage our challenges as they’re on the road, for example if one of us is working on the blog, or just having down time, the other will home school or entertain the girls. They learn so much through travel, so our focus is on giving experiences when travelling; seeing wildlife, exploring landscapes, life lessons that develop their educational skills. We focus at least one hour a day on lessons such as writing spelling and maths, and we’re enrolled into a school that sends lessons out for me to follow. It’s hard to have set times of the day for this, but the earlier the better as the kids are more focussed. If we’re in the car we give the girls work to do, and if we’re in one place with nothing planned we might spend more time on traditional education.

Grand Palace, Bangkok

Sounds full on! So what’s your idea of a relaxing holiday?!

Caz: The Maldives! In a hammock or a bungalow over the water watching the sunset! Craig: I don’t like a relaxed holiday!

What’s your funniest or most entertaining moment in your parenting career to date?

Well it's a funny moment now but at the time not so much. Our youngest, Savannah escaped from our hotel room in Melbourne. We don't know how she managed to open the door, but she did and we totally freaked out when we noticed she was gone. We were on the 8th floor of a hotel on a busy Melbourne road. We knew she could be anywhere in the hotel. After racing around completely panicked we found her in the lobby sitting with the receptionist drinking an orange juice. She'd somehow gotten in the lift and pressed G for Ground. How did she know that? We teach her and let her press the buttons each time we get in the lifts!! She was most pleased with how clever she was and with her reward!!

Who is your biggest influencer?

Yossi Ghinsberg who was lost in the Amazon Jungle for 3 weeks in a place where it was said no gringo would ever survive. He wrote a book Jungle about his survival experience. I saw him speak once in Puerto Rico and it changed my life. His talk was captivating and he taught me a lot about the purpose of fear and how we have to befriend it in order to serve our purpose. His talk also helped me to see that we're all so interconnected and each of us has a special gift that only we can share with the world and we are all here to do that. It's up to us to swallow that fear and live it. He was also so gentle and humble when we later met him in person and he greeted every person in the long line waiting to meet him with the warmest hug that spoke Namaste.

I want to introduce you to The Up All Hours round: a quick-fire round of questions so we can get to know a little more about what you're currently into. It might serve as some recommendations for others.

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What an inspirational chat we’ve had, thank you. If you want to be inspired by travel blogging, or even working with your kids in tow follow the fun on Caz and Craig’s blog http://ytravelblog.com Pinterest Instagram and Facebook.

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