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  • Name: Sarah Anguish
  • Children: 3
  • Where: I’m perched on the end of the sofa with my laptop attempting to get some emails completed before the next feed

When Sarah became a mother, she found that a majority of the blogs out there were by stay at home mums so, she decided to present an alternative view.

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Boo Roo and Tigger Too, charts the life of a working mother of two....until recently when Piglet arrived and made it three,juggling the work life balance.

Congratulations on the birth of Little Piglet! How are you coping with the sleepless nights?

After a five year gap between children the sleepless nights have come as a shock to the system. As this is third time round I know that these won’t last forever so I’m just taking each night as it comes.

Do you have any night time routines that you have used on Roo and Tigger that are helping you out with Piglet?

Roo was always a terrible feeder and it would take over an hour just to get her to take her bottle each feed. One thing we did to ‘wake’ her up was to change her bottom first before her feed which seemed to help stop her falling asleep mid feed. This is something we repeated with both Tigger and now Piglet.

You had Roo when you were 23 I believe and Piglet when you were 32. Do you think that the age we have kids influences how we parent them? Have you found the experience you have now, outweighs the youthful enthusiasm of parenting in your early 20’s, or have you not noticed a difference?

I’m not sure whether already being a parent or having Piglet in my 30’s has made me feel more confident as a parent. I’m much more laid back and take things in my stride, whereas when I had Roo, I felt that I was judged for having a child in my early 20’s despite being married.

There is certainly a difference in energy levels between having Roo and Piglet, I was able to recover from an all nighter much better than I can now - I certainly make use of the ‘sleep when they sleep’ philosophy!

Roo and Tigger - Drayton Manor

Being a working Mother how do you juggle your writing commitments with the blog, work and managing the family?

I’m lucky in that I only worked three days a week before Piglet arrived so I was able to complete some of my blog work whilst Tigger was at pre-school. Now I juggle emails and social media on my phone whilst I am waiting at the school gates for Roo and Tigger and those times when Piglet only wants to sleep, snuggled into me.

My laptop only comes out at night and I attempt to get as much completed as possible in a short period of time. I think the lack of time has made me more efficient as I know I might not manage to get it completed later.

The blog is wonderful, covering so many topics on all things parenting, how did you initially decide on what you wanted the blog to be and what it was going to cover?

Thank you, I started Boo Roo and Tigger Too as my maternity leave with Tigger ended. I’d read lots of parenting blogs over my time off, however, the majority of them were focused around stay at home mum's, whereas I had to return to work for financial reasons. I wanted to share my journey as a working mum and what it is like to send your children to childcare, what happens when they are ill and how we still manage to have fun as a family in the time we have together.

There has been a lot on the press recently about the Facebook Motherhood Challenge, what are your thoughts on this?

Whilst I think it is just a bit of fun, I don’t believe it shows the true side of motherhood. Not many people will show the photos of when they haven’t washed their hair in days, the pyjamas that they have lived in for a week or the ones where both mum and baby are crying. Motherhood is wonderful and whilst we all have our good and bad days do we need to prove this on Facebook?

Boo and Roo - London Eye

The Up All Hours community are a nosey bunch so we like to end each interview with the Up All Hours quick fire round…….

Up All Hours watching… Netflix, usually some period drama like Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version) Up All Hours reading… Blogs via my Bloglovin app on my phone Up All Hours wearing… Pyjamas, I love my pyjamas and would happily stay in them all day if I could get away with it! Up All Hours eating… Cereal, this stems from my childhood visits to my grandparents who would always give me a bowl of cereal before bed, so that I wouldn’t get hungry in the night Up All Hours listening to… Dance music, I love the classics of DJ Sammy, Fragma and Cascada If you could be Up All Hours with anyone who would it be? It would have to be my best friend Louise, we can talk for hours about anything and everything, yet when we get home there is always something that we forgot to ask the other, so we end up texting!

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