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  • Name: Peter and Amber
  • Children: 2
  • Where: Late night in bed!

Up All Hours was delighted to catch up with Peter and Amber from Peter and Amber Travel. The two of them have been traveling the globe, documenting their travels and have recently been joined on their adventures by their adorable twin daughters Leia and Lauren. The girls are Monoamniotic-Monochorionic or "MoMo" twins, which means they are identical twins that shared the same amniotic sac within their mother’s uterus but had two separate umbilical cords, a high risk pregnancy for all concerned.

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Here they Peter and Amber talk to us about becoming a family and how that has influenced their travel plans!

Peter and Amber, first off congratulations on the birth of Leia and Lauren!  The sleepless nights with one baby are hard enough, how are you coping with two?

Born 2-months premature, our girls were in ICU for the first month and during this period they were well-established into a consistent eat-and-sleep routine. My husband and I are on a buddy system for feeding, and it has definitely helped. Being organized is key! We are both very hands-on and its the close support between us that got us through the first few months as new parents!

The girls were born at 32 weeks

‘Momo’ twins are very rare, could you tell us a little about the pregnancy and if you were able to find support from other parents who had been through the same thing, or did you have to rely on your own research?

When we were first told by the gynae that we were expecting MOMO twins, we had no idea what it really meant. It was only later that he explained that the babies share the same sac (thus they are called the identical twins) and that the risk of mortality is high, for the risk of cord entanglement would increase as the pregnancy progresses. MOMO pregnancies account for only 1% of all twins pregnancies and as you can expect, there are rarely any cases in Singapore that we could learn or share experiences with. It was a stressful journey with uncertainty and unanswered questions. We had to turn to Google for read-ups and case stories from around the world. Information was inconsistent. Not even our gynae was confident enough to advise on when the twins should be delivered! We had to balance the risk of the babies development if they were born too early versus the increasing risk of cord entanglement with each passing day. We had to make that decision and it was nothing short of stressful.
God works wonders, somehow we decided to seek a second opinion where the doctor advocated to have the babies delivered at 32+ weeks. We were blessed to have done so, for when Leia and Lauren were born, their cords were already a ball of knots. We would have lost them had we had waited any longer. So remember, when in doubt always seek a second opinion.

In the ICU

You obviously love to travel and your travel blog Peter and Amber Travel is a beautiful record of your global wanderings. Are you planning to scale down your traveling while the girls are young or will they be joining the adventure with you?

Although the girls wellbeing will always be our priority, we do not see them as a barrier to our travels. Surely our typical spontaneous travelling styles will have to change. We didn't expect that it was going to be easy. We knew it was going to be challenging and taxing. More intensive research and planning will be required before each trip. There will be immense packing and extra suitcases to lug around. But even with all these, travelling with our babies makes even the old adventures seem new! They gave us a broader perspective, adding a whole new meaning to family travel. Although the girls will probably not remember a thing at 6 months of age, we will have so many stories and travel pictures to share with them when they get older. That, to us, makes everything all worthwhile.

Leia and Lauren at 3 months

We see you took the girls to Iceland with you recently – if you could give one piece of advice to families traveling with children, what would it be?

As much as possible, coincide your flight timing with your baby’s sleep routine. You will then be less likely to get a fussy baby on board!

The first family trip

Your photography on the blog is amazing, photographing children can be a tricky business, what are your top tips for making sure you capture the best bits of them on film?

Thank you for your kind words! A simple tip- Babies are happy when they are well-fed and well-rested. Keep them happy and they will let you capture those very special moments.

The blog is a work of art, when and why did you decide to start it?

It all came about after our first Iceland trip in 2013. We remembered thinking to ourselves that instead of keeping the images and short clips in a hard disk drive which we hardly ever access, why not create a platform to journalise the trip! It Makes it easier to share with our friends too.

There has been a lot on the press this week about the Facebook Motherhood challenge, Amber, what are your thoughts on this Social Media craze? 

Oh dear, we have not heard about this! Thanks for sharing, we'll check it out soon (so this is what parenthood has done to us, we are just a tad slow)

The Up All Hours community are a nosey bunch so we like to end each interview with the Up All Hours quick fire round……. 

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If you want to see more of Peter and Amber's beautiful travels please visit their website HERE Or to see more of their beautiful girls Leia and Lauren, check out their Instagram feed HERE

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