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  • Name: Becky Dickerson
  • Children: 3..... nearly 4
  • Where: I currently have my feet up on the sofa (hurray for recliners!)

Bex, first off huge congratulations on the imminent arrival of Baby Dickerson, how are you feeling? Do you have good pregnancies and have you noticed any differences with this one, knowing she is going to be a girl?

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I love pregnancy, but this one has definitely been tougher than the others. I have never felt so tired (having a child that doesn't sleep well really isn't helping that) and my skin is so grey and dry. I am definitely finding it harder than the others, although I don't know whether that is because it is a girl or because I have three under fives already to run around after. I was definitely glowing and feeling great at this stage with the others though, whereas I feel unattractive and frumpy with this one.

What has made you opt for a homebirth this time around?

A homebirth feels like the natural option this time. After three straightforward labours and births that have got progressively quicker, I want to take away the risk of birthing en route and I have so much faith in my body after three that I know it will be fine. The dedicated care is a big bonus too as I will have two midwives just for me, as opposed to a hospital where they are in and out and have a group of women to care for.

You are very good at getting out and about as a family, with various trips at home and abroad, what are your top tips for traveling with the kids?

Firstly, deep breaths, sometimes it is stressful and you feel like you spend longer preparing to go out that actually being out! I like to be always on the go though and I vowed not to let having children stop me seeing the world or having new experiences. We love adventures and the more we travel with them the easier it seems to get. Always carry a multitude of snacks (savoury if you want them to stay still), sticker books are essential once they get to about 2.5 and picking the right time to travel, I.e when they are due a sleep, makes a big difference!

The blog is a wonderful record of your life as a family, what made you want to start it? How did you decide what you wanted to include on it?

I had a five month old baby whose conversational skills were pretty limited and I missed using my brain so the Mummy Adventure was born. I didn't feel like I had anything particularly unique to share, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth trying and I loved recording our everyday lives. I started it with a little project, forcing myself to do something new every day for the first month which gave me easy content and after that I just wrote whatever I felt like. I think my voice and style have developed over the years, but I still love changing the direction and trying new things - that is the wonder of your own space.

Being something of a parenting expert, being a Mum of 3/to be of 4 (!) what would be your one piece of advice to a couple about to embark on the parenting journey?

The best piece of advice I was ever given is the same one I always share – trust your instinct. These baby books weren't written about MY baby, the blogs I love reading don't know my child and well meant advice isn't always right for my family. Going with what feels natural, taking everything with a pinch of salt and trusting that you know what is best for your child above anyone else are the most important things. All parents were once first timers, none of us had a clue what we were getting ourselves into and it all works out fine!

And finally, what is your top product for parents everywhere?

Snuzpod – I wouldn't be without mine in the early months

Me and mine

The Up All Hours community are a nosey bunch so we like to end each interview with the Up All Hours quick fire round……

Up All Hours watching… Suits (so addictive)

Up All Hours reading… Jo Nesbo – Cockroaches (easy to read)

Up All Hours wearing… Skinny fit maternity jeans from Asda, I was shocked at how much I love them.

Up All Hours eating… Chocolate fudge cupcake icing (blame pregnancy)

Up All Hours listening to… Silence, not something I get to listen to very often at all.

If you could be Up All Hours with anyone who would it be? My best friends, people that make me laugh and remind me that I am someone as well as a mama.

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