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Tom Redwood

Chef, Founder of Babease, the vegetable led weaning programme

Tom grew up in a large family (1 in 5!), and food was a central part of their life. His mum and dad are both amazing cooks, so he was lucky enough to be exposed to delicious food from the very start. Mealtimes meant them all squeezing in around the table to share stories, catch up on news, and of course, fight over the last scoop of pasta or piece of garlic bread.

Having developed a passion for food from such a young age, Tom quickly realised he wanted to spend the rest of his life working with food. He began training as a chef as soon as he left school and, as he worked his way up the ranks, honed his culinary skills and creative flair. His lovingly prepared food came to be appreciated by a lots of people, ranging from wealthy clients in ski chalets, to Jim Kerr, and Bob Diamond’s family. His job took him around the world, from the United States to the French slopes, but he eventually decided to settle in London.

It was then that his sister had her first baby and he took a huge interest in his nephew’s weaning journey. He was so surprised to find that ready-made baby food completely lacked variety of taste and wasn’t created with any real imagination – it was so different from the food he’d eaten as a youngster. “No wonder we have a problem with fussy eaters if this is what you grew up eating!” he thought.

Tom began experimenting in the kitchen, and got together some likeminded passionate people with expert knowledge, and Babease was born! Tom wanted to create a food company with a uniquely honest and transparent approach to ingredients, and ultimately hopes to revolutionise baby food as we know it.

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