Siobhan Merrifield

40 yr old single mum of 2 boys, works for The Association for Post Natal Illness

As well as being a 'single mum' - shock horror, it gets worse...I was also a teenage mum too! But hey ho, I have come a long way since then. I am also one of the small team who run the helpline at the Association for Postnatal Illness, where I have been answering calls , emails and enquiries for over 10 years alongside being a mum to my two boys.

I have a mainstream boy Ryan, 10yrs of angelic amazingness, and then Ross is my 22yr old beautiful boy/monster child with cerebal palsy .

Loved equally, they really do make my world the vibrant, amazing, crazy, hectic, place that it is. I wouldn't change them for the world (On a good day)!

I am also currently training to be a reflexologist and have thoroughly enjoyed the practical side - both giving and receiving (It really is a lovely relaxing treatment) however the paperwork is crippling me. I hope to have it all done, handed in ready to qualify by 02/11/2015 - pray for me!

I have also rather bravely joined a gym in the last few days and so far, so good, fit not fat is my aim as I definitely love my food too much to diet.

I shall post on many subjects in the coming months as an Imperfect Parent and hope to get some feedback from you all, too.

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