Lucinda Miller

Lucinda Miller

Children's Naturopath & Functional Medicine Practitioner. Specialist in Child Wellness and Nutrition.

Hi my name is Lucinda Miller often known as the NatureDoc. I have been a naturopath and herbalist for about 20 years and have been specialising in kids’ nutrition for fifteen years. I am quite a “techie” naturopath as I like to work on an evidence-based approach and hold a diploma in Functional Medicine. This in a nut shell means that I like to do proper laboratory tests before changing a diet in a significant way or adding in lots of supplements. I tend to see kids with quite complex health issues, but equally love seeing children with more minor complaints. I really enjoy working with mums and dads and giving them support through their journey as parents.

I run a blog, with simple and effective health tips for brighter, happier children, as well as a recipe site, dedicated to delicious and healthy recipes for tricky diets. I am also writing a book on kids’health. I help to support nurseries and schools with their menu planning and hold talks at various schools in London and the South West.

I run busy clinics in Sloane Square, London and Stockbridge, Hampshire and live in Wiltshire with my husband and our three gorgeous children, who are growing up far too fast!

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