Lisa Clegg

Lisa Clegg

Mum of 3 and author of The Blissful Baby Expert

I'm Lisa Clegg, author of The Blissful Baby Expert and The Blissful Toddler Expert.

I am a mum to three children aged 11,8 and 3 years old and work full time as a nightly Maternity Nurse advising parents on care and development of the baby and implementing a gentle, yet effective routine.

I provide a free email service to parents who need advice on feeding and sleep issues and exchange between 20-50 emails per day to answer questions and give the mums who contact me seem direction.

Life is busy, I never have enough hours in the day, but I'm happy and wouldn't change a thing.

I'm honoured to be a regular on Up All Hours and happy to answer any parenting questions anytime

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