Jenny Stephenson

Jenny Stephenson

Child psychologist & sleep practitioner. Director of HappySleepers

I am a mother of two boys living in Hackney, London. From my own experiences of raising children and through working closely with families, I understand the difficulties that children's sleep problems can bring and how, with the right approach and support, a very difficult scenario can often be turned around with positive changes for the whole family.

My professional background includes my role as a Senior Educational Psychologist in an inner London authority. I am also director of HappySleepers, a team of chartered child psychologists offering expert help and advice on sleep, from newborns through to teenage years.

As an applied psychologist, I am very interested in the growing body of research into the impact of lack of quality sleep on our children and the evidence base for interventions to change these sleep behaviours.

I am passionate about sleep, find my work with families hugely rewarding and I'm always keen to help where I can.

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