Dr Tom York

Dr Tom York

Practicing GP & one of the GP's beind the UK’s leading doctor-on-demand app GPDQ

Dr Tom York is a practicing GP, based in Crossharbour, and one of the GPs behind GPDQ – the UK’s leading doctor-on-demand app. Tom grew up in Lancaster with his parents – his mum, a nurse, and his dad, a chemist. Tom qualified as a Doctor aged 23, and started five years of training to become a General Practitioner, qualifying as a GP aged 28.

Tom decided to become a GP as he saw the attraction of being a health generalist – knowing about all areas of the body, health and medicine. Tom has practiced as a GP for five years to date and joined GPDQ back in 2016, which enables him to have even more face-to-face time with patients who need to see a doctor in their own environment, and without the wait.

Tom became a first-time dad in December 2017, and it has completely changed his life. Having been putting himself into the shoes of parents since becoming a doctor, he knows how hard it is to cope when a child is ill.

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