Annie Simpson

Annie Simpson

Sleep Expert, one of the Infant Sleep Consultants

I am a wife of one and Mum of three, based in South West London. I set up Infant Sleep Consultants with two friends to provide expert advice to parents struggling to get their little ones to sleep.

I have more than twenty years experience working with babies and children and have worked with hundreds of families which makes me feel very old sometimes! I aim to bring a wealth of skills and expertise from my previous jobs to my role as a sleep consultant. I have worked as a nanny, supported children with additional needs in a school and snuggled babies as a maternity nurse. I have successfully completed training in Sleep Training, Breastfeeding and Reflux and Early Allergies. I believe there is no one-size-fits-all sleep solution and instead, my colleagues and I work with each family to create a tailor made plan that parents can feel confident about implementing.

I understand the desperation that lack of sleep can bring and how when you are in that storm, it really can feel relentless. Whether parents are dealing with persistent night wakings or a toddler that won't stay in bed, I will bring warmth and humour to the job, working with parents to pick apart the problem and give them the confidence to resolve it.

I am dangerously close to 40, hate bananas and hope that George Clooney will have a sleep deprived baby one day, for all the wrong reasons! I would like to say that in my spare time I enjoy nothing more than curling up with a good book...but in reality, I'd much rather sleep.

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