HeadSmart is a multi award-winning campaign based on research funded by The Brain Tumour Charity and aims to educate the public and healthcare professionals, about the signs and symptoms of brain tumours in children and young people.

Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children in the UK, with 500 children and young people diagnosed with a brain tumour every year. 62% of children who survive a brain tumour are left with a life-altering, long term illness.

Earlier diagnosis can reduce long-term disabilities and ultimately save lives. But brain tumours can be difficult to diagnose as early symptoms are often the same as common childhood illnesses.

However since HeadSmart was launched, average diagnosis time has already reduced from 14 weeks to 6.7 weeks. Our goal is to reduce average diagnosis times to 5 weeks or less to be on a par with the best in the world.

Please help us drive down unacceptable diagnosis times for childhood brain tumours and text smart to 81400 to access our free smartphone symptoms guide.

Please watch this video which is presented by a HeadSmart champion, Sacha Langton – Gilks, who lost her own son DD, aged 16, to a brain tumour.


Please help spread the word of HeadSmart and save children’s lives.