Organix, the UK’s leading brand in baby and toddler snacks, has always had a very clear purpose – to make things better in children’s food. They want to help create a world where all food for children is simple, healthy and tasty, where food is labelled honestly so parents know what’s in it, and where good, honest food is easy to choose because it’s widely available.

Their No Junk Promise reassures parents that all their food is organic and that no unnecessary ingredients are added - setting standards in what healthy, tasty foods for children can be.

Right from the start, Organix offer simple and practical advice to help little ones learn to love good food, at every stage, from trying new foods for the first time, to toddlers’ growing independence with food and useful tips on what to watch out for when buying pre-packaged food so you can avoid the junk.

Organix has it covered with lots of ideas to help you and your little one explore food, from growing to making and eating it, as well as advice on sharing experiences with other families.

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