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"When will my milk come in?" - Your breastfeeding questions answered.

written by Sharon George

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As Mum’s ourselves, we know what an intimidating prospect feeding your baby can be. Whether you opt for breastfeeding as Sam did, or if you can’t like Aly, the chances are you will attempt breast-feeding at some stage of motherhood.

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So, we decided to draw up a list of all the questions we had when it came to breast feeding and put them to Sharon George from the London Lactation Consultants, so that we could ensure that you had the best advice possible in an easy to digest format.

We are not saying ‘Breast Is Best’, what we are saying is that if you have any questions about breast feeding we hope our breast feeding series might help you to answer them.

In the second installment of our breastfeeding series, Sharon answers “When will my milk come in?”

When will my milk come in?

Your first milk, called colostrum, starts being made automatically from around half-way through pregnancy. So, it’s ready and waiting for your baby many weeks before they make an appearance.

Your mature milk is then triggered by your baby’s birth.

This process sends hormonal messages to your body to start making larger volumes of milk for your baby and many women notice physical changes in their breasts around days 3 to 5 after their baby’s arrival.

When the milk comes in

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