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What kind of Halloween are you? Tips and advice on where to buy your little ones costume.

written by Katie Hale

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Are you a Halloween person? I've noticed that most people fall into two categories when it comes to Halloween. Those that love it; dress up, host a Halloween party and wouldn't miss an opportunity to go trick or treating. Then there are those that feel as though it’s something that the Americans have influenced. These individuals will then inform you of the true history of all hallows eve.

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I use to be the latter but since having my son I seem to be falling into the former category more and more. I can't explain it but I'm actually excited to get a pumpkin to carve and buy mountains of horrific sugary sweets for the trick treaters, that will undoubtedly knock at our door.

We have been invited to two Halloween parties and I now feel an excited apprehension to come up with costumes for us all, the dog included and I secretly love it! I’ve therefore found myself in a number of stores looking at the selection of costumes available. What’s on offer, how much they cost and the quality of them. The quality is most important to me, my son is ten months old and has eczema so I want to make sure his costume is comfortable for him and doesn't irritate his skin. 

Halloween Wardrobe

So while basking in my new timid love for Halloween this is what I've found when shopping for my babes Halloween costume.


If you're on a budget and don't have a lot of time supermarket costumes are the way to go. They stock the traditional Halloween costumes; witches, pumpkins, skeletons etc. which can be picked up when you do your family food shop. As well as Halloween costumes I also found most supermarkets stocked a selection of children's Halloween fashion, which is great for older kids that may not want to dress up or for children that may not find costumes comfortable. I found everything from printed t-shirts, leggings, pyjamas, sleep suits, and bibs and that the following supermarkets have wide selections that can fit any budget.

Sainsburys TU 

Tesco F&F 

Asda George


High street stores

If you have more time to shop around and you have a bit more of a budget, it’s definitely worth hitting the high street. The biggest difference I found between supermarket and high street store costumes was predominately the selection. Supermarkets tend to stick to the more traditional Halloween costumes; witches, skeletons, zombies etc whereas high street stores stocked these costumes as well as non-traditional costumes including; Spiderman, dragons, cars, witch princesses (yes that’s a thing). They have a wide selection of good quality traditional Halloween and creative costumes that often have a spooky twist on the usual witch. They also stock children's Halloween fashion items which can often be more comfortable for your babes and can be worn more than once.

H&M  - Have a wide selection of traditional Halloween costumes with a bit of an edge. They are value for money and like supermarkets they also provide a selection of Halloween fashion, my favourite of which is the very cute pumpkin baby grow.

TK Maxx  - My personal favourite and where I found my son's costume. They have such a broad and creative selection of fantastic costumes and at a great price. I found everything from (my personal favourite) a giraffe costume, to a dragon and a digger, yes a digger costume. But then this depends on the point I made above, whether you're a person that prefers to dress up in traditional Halloween costumes, or whether you follow a more American view of using Halloween to dress up as anything and let your imagination run wild. If you're more the latter then TK Max is for you.

Marks and Spencer- I was surprised to find a selection of Halloween and non Halloween costumes which included; a unicorn, pirate and Spiderman as well has Harry Potter, a zombie bride and werewolf costumes. Marks and Spencer are a safe bet to find a good quality costume for your little one. 

Matalan- They stock a wide selection of costumes that also includes a small Halloween fashion selection. I was pleased to find this selection included adult items too, but equally disappointed to find it only stocked female items clearly for Mums and not for Dads. I found this very bizarre.

If you're looking to make a homemade costume for your little one, I've found the following (creepy and non-creepy) ideas are quite easy, not to mention creative. 

Easy to make homemade Halloween costumes

Bank robber

Creepy bat



Mario and Luigi

Slinky dog- If you're feeling particularly creative

I hope you've found the above helpful. Try to remember whatever Halloween you are, it can be a great time to see family and friends too. I'm getting through it by dressing my little one up in a dragon costume that really makes me giggle, I know I'm such terrible mother! Don't forget there's always wine, when they eventually pass out after their sugar rush.

Have a great Halloween.

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