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We, as in team Up All Hours, are hitting up The Big Festival and can’t wait. Now, we will openly admit that camping is NOT our favourite thing we know it sometimes has to be done. Whilst we are experiencing the hottest period ever to hit the UK have pulled together our top tips for keeping cool, prepared and hopefully, sane!

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1) Pack Smart

There are a number of items which don’t take up much space but are essential:

Wet wipes: Crucial…for every body part!

Anti bacterial hand stuff: Festivals by their very nature are grubby affairs and even more so with kids in tow. So the wet wipes aren’t just for the babies.

Medicine: Calpol sachets and antihistamine. As parents we know that temperatures like to hit when you least expect them too so be prepared for it!

Recommended items:

Mucky Mits Hand Spray by the brilliant Jackson Reece is perfect.


Now, this is England so we need to be prepared for hot, cold and damp conditions. Don’t be fooled by the heat wave, it could change at any minute so being ready for a sudden thunderstorm or downpour is crucial.


Fans: In the heat, which we hope is most likely, we recommend fans. Take a hand fan and a pram fan if you are with little ones. These can be clipped to trollies and all types of pram and are a game changer.

Suncream: There is often a lack of shade at festivals so it’s important to be sun safe.

Recommended items:

Childs Farms SPF 50 suncream is the go to cream for us to use on the kids at the moment, which can be applied to the face and body.

Dreambaby Strollerbuddy Stroller Fan do a cracking fan for a very reasonable £8.79 on Amazon.


Layers: This is important as you have options It always gets cold when the sun goes down to a fleece/jumper round the waist is always sensible. Base layers which are thin but keep you are warm are great as they don’t take up much space.


Pack a poncho: They can be super lightweight and take up no space whatever. Full length ones are ideal as it means you’ll always have a dry place to sit down.

Wellies: Sounds obvious but people often forget them. Remember you aren’t just dealing with rain at festivals, you are dealing with mud as well.


Snacks: Very important! On two fronts, sometimes children suitable snacks can be hard to come by at festivals and if energy levels take a nosedive, having something handy & healthy to give them is crucial.

Recommended items:

Boka has a delicious range of bars in strawberry, Caramel, Apple and Cinnamon and Choco Mallow. They’re super low in sugar, fat, saturates and salt and all under 100 calories.


Ear Plugs: Not every festival reveller will be going to sleep when the kids are and the party can often continue back at the campsites so earplugs are a must. Also helpful in the morning if the children in the tent next to you wake up earlier than yours do!

Eye Mask: You wake when the sun does if you’re in a tent so black yourself out.

On another note, we know it’s easier said than done, but try to be chilled about the routine. Be prepared to let it slip and just enjoy going with the flow!

And if you are at The Big Feastival this year, please come and say hi to us!

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