Top tips for keeping the kids safe at a festival

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Going to a festival with the kids can seem like a daunting task but planning ahead and heeding the advice from the experienced Up All Hour's featival team below, means it doesn't have to be. With festivals becoming more and more family focussed there as never been a better time to pack up the tent, dust down the waterproofs, box up the wine and see all that the Great British festival has to offer.......

1. Forewarned is forearmed: Do your research before you choose the festival you are going to take the kids to. Is it family friendly? Does it have a good set of family facilities (like the ones Up All Hours provide)? The more family friendly the festival the better your experience as a family will be, so maybe don’t jump straight into V-Festival, start with a more family focused event like Jimmy’s Harvest or The Big Feastival.

2. See and be seen: This may sound a bit silly but make sure you pack some distinctive outfits for the kids as, in the crowd, it will be easier to spot them should you become separated. You forget how busy a festival can be and how small your child is, when in the middle of an excited mass of people. High vis vests, silly hats, a flashing headband, anything goes at a festival, so put them in it.

Make the kids as visible as possible

3. Location, Location, Location: On arrival at the festival make sure you locate the Lost Child Point. Many families choose to make their meeting point something prominent like the helter-skelter. The problem with this is, that if your child does become lost, then they will be waiting at your rendez vous point alone and the festival team aren’t able to alert the parents or the security that they are lost.

Instead, find the manned Lost Child Point (there is one at every festival), introduce your child to the staff and then they will have somewhere safe and secure to go to if they do become lost.

Lost Child Point

4. Wrist ‘brand’ them: At the lost Child point pick up a contact wrist band. This is an adhesive band that you write your name and telephone number on and can be put on your child’s wrist. All good festivals will provide them. In the event they become separated from you, the lost child point will be able to contact you and let you know that they have them. If the kids are funny about wearing something try putting it around their ankle, or loop it through a belt loop. As a last resort you can write your number on their arm. (Just check it isn't a permanent marker first eh!)

Get an ID wristband on arrival

5. Get trolly’d: Toddlers can be particularly tricky to keep an eye on when buggy free. Our advice? Hire one of the festival trolly’s that are available at most festivals, the kids find them novel and it is a great way to transport them around the festival while still under your control! Plus, you can pimp them up making them cool and cosy, and think of the calories you'll burn pulling it around a field all day!

The trolly is key

Most importantly, have fun. The Up All Hours team have provided family facilities and run lost child points at festivals all across the country over a number of years and love seeing families at festivals together. We have had babies from as young as a week old in the tent, so it is never too early to get the kids involved in the festival fun! There really is something seriously special about the festival atmosphere and when the Great British weather plays ball, who needs the Costa Del Sol!

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  1. The Up All Hours tents are a godsend! They've made our Big Feastival experience so much easier the last 3 years (especially during last year's epic storm) - a lovely welcome, comfy chairs for feeding and all the supplies you could need for a little one. Thank you!
    1. Emily, thank you so much for your comment! You are so very welcome. That storm was pretty spectacular! Same time next year? xx
    2. Absolutely! Taking one of your tips and bringing a trolley for the littlies this year. Excited!!


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