Top Tips for covering up a pregnancy

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When you find out you are pregnant it is a wonderful and terrifying moment all rolled up into one. You stumble through the first 12 weeks full of hope and fear and expectation desperate for that first scan to et you know that all is ok.

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Until the first scan many people want to keep their exciting news to themselves so here are our top tips for keeping your pregnancy under wraps until you are ready for the big announcement.

1: Clear the diary: The less you see people in the first 3 months the less chance there is of them spotting something’s up! This is much easier than it sounds just keep the diary clear blaming family on not being able to see friends and vice versa. Before you know it 3 months will be up and voila you can make the big announcement when you are ready!

2: Drink G and T’s: Well actually just the tonic but they will never know! At home this is easy as a G and T or just a T looks the same especially with lots of lime. When you are out offer to go to the bar then you are in control and order sans Gin or, if things get tricky give the barman a heads up – we have used this trick numerous times and it’s amazing how co-operative and involved the barman can get, the old secret wink though that some get carried away with can be a bit of a giveaway so this can backfire!

Can you tell the difference?

3: Drinking for two: No we are not talking about you! What we mean is swap your drinks with your other half. When he has managed to drain most of his drink swap yours in as a re-fill, making yours look drunk and ensuring that he will be legless by the end of the evening as he is drinking for two! Hey at least he has a designated driver for the evening!

The famouse glass swap

4: Antibiotics can be just what the Dr ordered: This is a tricky one as if people know you have been trying and then suddenly you pull the old Antibiotics card it can look a it suspect so you will need to lay some ground work. A couple of weeks of vocal chat about feeling under the weather followed by the trusty old urine infection ought to do it!

5: Accessorise: The key in terms of concealing an early bump is that it is all in the accessories! Scarves are a life saver as are long necklaces, jackets and cardigans, Anything that draws the eye away from the bump until you are ready for the bump to make it’s official arrival!

Keep the bump under wraps

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