Top 5 : Treats in the heat

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With the Summer upon us it is often hard to think of interesting treats for the kids to eat in the heat.

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Be it on the beach, after school, or as part of the Summer picnic our Top 5: Treats in the heat has something for everyone! With the added bonus of one for the parents too ........

1) Frozen Watermelon: So simple and so delicious, whack slices of watermelon in the freezer and then, once frozen, let the little ones lick them like an ice lolly or suck on them, to their heart’s content!

Frozen Watermelon

2) Frozen juice / Smoothie: Most juice cartons are able to be frozen and the Innocent ones especially work very well as you can snip the top off them and push the juice lolly up like a Calippo!

3) Litte Moon Ice Cream Balls: It wouldn’t be Summer without ice cream! We discovered these recently and they are genius! They have a rice paper (mocha) outer wrapper which houses fiendishly tasty ice-cream centres. The best bit is that they are a mouthful, so no mucky hands and also they don’t melt everywhere thanks to the clever edible rice paper wrapping. They also come in loads of flavours so there is something for everyone.

Little Moons

4) Banana Pops: If you are looking for an Ice Cream alternative then why not try a Banana pop. The advantage of these is that they don’t melt! Simply pop half a banana on a kebab stick cover in melted chocolate and sprinkles, or nuts or anything else that takes your fancy and then leave to cool. Voila! A banana lolly with none of the mess!

5) Flavoured Water: The key in the heat is to keep the kids hydrated as much as possible but trying to get them to drink lots of water can prove a challenge, so try enticing them with flavoured water. It’s surprising what a bit of mint, cucumber, strawberry or good old-fashioned lemon, can do to a bottle of water.

Wierd and wonderful water


Don't think we have forgotten about you - if you are looking for a way to chill out as the temperatures rise, then look no further than these beauties! Yup those are Pimms Ice Lollies...... you're welcome!

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