Top 5 tips on how to keep your children entertained on a walk

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As parents we long for the day when our kids get old enough, so that

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we can ditch the buggy and get back to a good old fashioned yomp, across the countryside. However we quickly learn that this new phase brings with it it’s own trials and tribulations, sore legs, a snails pace and whining that reaches a whole new level!

Here are our top tips on how to make the Sunday morning walk that bit more bearable!

1. Preparation is key: Make sure you know where you are walking and how far it is going to be. There is nothing worse than making a wrong turn and trying to drag a reluctant toddler 2 miles further than first planned!

2. The lure of a picnic: This can do wonders for children. The promise of a picnic at the half way mark can often power them on to half way. Setting off with a full tummy following a short snack stop means they will be in a much better frame of mind to finish the walk.

Picnic time

3. Kit check: Wellies are key! Get them to choose their own and all of a sudden they will actually want to get them on. Make sure that they fit properly and that they are wearing good socks to reduce sore toes. Top the look off with an all in one waterproof and they are fully puddle proof!

Wellies maketh the walk!

4. Walking Bingo!: Give your kids something to do on a walk other than think about how far it is until home and all of a sudden the walk becomes far more enjoyable. Write out a list of things they have to spot on the walk and then get them to look for them as they go. For older children the first one to spot them all is the winner and for younger ones when they spot them all they are either home or perhaps can get a little treat.

5. Colour Catching: So this is a great way to help kids with their colours and keep them entertained. One person shouts out a colour and everyone else has to run and find something in that colour. It starts off easy but by the end of the walk it is pretty tricky to find the more obscure colours!

Colour Catching

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