Top 5 Tips for Trick or Treating

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Taking little ones Trick or Treating can be quite a daunting experience.

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Trudging out in the dark, to knock on strangers doors, is not everyones cup of tea but with Halloween becoming ever more popular in the UK kids are keen to get out there and get their candy!

Here are our top 5 tricks to maximise your treats on the big night (see what we did there!)

1. The More the Merrier: Halloween trick or treating is best done en masse. The better the adult to child ratio, the less stress there will be generally taking out the dark!

2. Location! Location! Location!: Silly as it sounds, especially in major towns, picking the right street can make or break Halloween. Don’t be afraid to go out of your local neighbourhood to make sure that your little ones get a good haul of treats!

3. To Trick or not to Trick, that is the question: We are big believers in making sure that the “tricks” are fairly tame, remember what you give out with your kids may come back to bite you, when other people’s come knocking at your door. A good fake rat, or some good old fashioned fake vomit are always winners!

4. Treats are not always nice: Remember if your child or one of their little friends has a food allergy, you need to be careful which treats they collect. In addition to this, when collecting treats generally make sure that you only collect ones that are wrapped, this avoids any nasty surprises when you get home.

Halloween Candy

5. Fear – free bedtime: When you get home from trick or treating it is a good idea to take off the costumes and de-Halloween for a bit before bedtime. A good, old fashioned bedtime story will do wonders to dispel images of ghouls and goblins and make sure that they settle down to a good night’s sleep

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