Top 5 tips for surviving: Skiing with the kids

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With the late season this year and Easter rapidly approaching, are you heading off for a first season on the slopes with the kids in tow? Then look no further than the Up All Hours skiing survival guide!

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1) Man Up: Skiing is a key example of when adults should outnumber the children so go with support is our advice. It doesn’t matter if it is the grandparents, the nanny or even another family with their own brood – there is strength in numbers. Anything from trying to convince the older ones to head off to ski school to additional sets of eyes scanning the mountain for when one of them takes a tumble; on the slopes our motto is the more the merrier. The added bonus is, that even if the bars of the town are now off limits thanks to childcare, you can create your own Apres-ski at the chalet/hotel/ cow shed that you are staying in, with your boosted numbers!

Man up!

2) Ruck sack or cry: The key and I can’t stress this enough, KEY ingredient to a successful skiing holiday is a ruck sack. You thought you had a lot to remember before kids (sun cream, hat, goggles, sun glasses) that ain’t nothing compared to the kit list you now have to accommodate. Take the ruck sack and that way you can cram all your stuff along with theirs in one bag leaving your hands free to, yup, carry their ski’s. On the plus side it gives you scope to take a multitude of snacks and distractions to ensure that you can have a good long lunch and there is even room for a hip flask! If you have a couple of kids and you are going to re rotating childcare and skiing can we also recommend an Ikea blue bag? These little babies are a Godsend for carrying ski boots/snow boots up and down the mountain and you can even fit the smallest skis in them too.

The rucksack of destiny!

3) Great expectations: Don’t be under the illusion that a skiing holiday will be the same post kids as it was pre, as you will be crushingly disappointed. Accept that you will ski less but unexpectedly probably drink even more, to get you through the days filled with “My boots hurt” “I’ve lost my glove…..again” . Don’t be dis-heartened, when planned well a with kids ski holiday can be just as fun as a pre kids one – we promise.

Mummy i've lost my glove.......again

4) Suited and Booted: The key to keeping the whining to a minimum is to get the kit right.

  • Make sure that the children’s ski clothes are 100% waterproof as the most whiny type of child, is a cold one. Muddy Puddles do a wonderful range of base layers and ski clothes and Decathalon are great for all the socks and accessories.

  • Get the kids to wear their ski boots as much as possible as although they might complain at first you will be surprised at how quickly they get used to them and forget they are in them. I wouldn’t bother taking them off during the day if I were you, as once off they will be pretty hard to get them back on.

  • As far as your ski gear goes my only advice is invest in some good snow boots to run up and down the nursery slopes after your child and get some trousers with a comfortable waistband as you seem to spend a huge amount of time bent over, re-adjusting their boots, searching for lost gloves/hats, goggles/glasses (delete as appropriate) etc etc.

  • Buy the kids goggles not glasses as they really don’t care what they look like on the ski slopes and goggles will do for all weather eventualities unlike glasses.

  • Helmets are a must. You can rent them from all the ski shops now and they really are a must for all but especially the kids.

  • Salopettes are great as they keep them warm across all their vital organs as well as their legs but don’t forget they make loo time even more tricky, so you may need to build in extra warning time for a loo stop!

  • For a last minute check list, cast your eye over our kit list below

5) You Can do it! : Don’t be afraid of the post kids ski holiday, you can totally rock it I promise. It is doable. You will ski again and one day they too will love it and watching them head off down that slope, safe in the knowledge (having spent a fortune on ski school) that they can stop before they fly off the edge of the mountain, is a feeling as a parent, like no other. Is it a faff HELL YES. Is it worth it 100%

Skiing with kids can still be fun!

The Up All Hours Skiing Kit List:

  • Ruck Sack
  • Helmet
  • Goggles
  • Sun cream
  • Base Layer top
  • Fleece
  • Ski jacket
  • Gloves/mittens
  • Base Layer long johns
  • Ski trousers
  • Long ski socks
  • Ski Boots
  • Snow boots
  • If not already in the jacket, ski pass holder
  • Gummy Bears – they will get them to do anything and the added energy is needed at times, when they are shattered!

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