Top 5 Tips: For providing the perfect Bridesmaid or Page Boy

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We have all been there. Watching with glee as frantic mothers try desperately to coax there screaming kids down the aisle, after a rather harassed looking bride who wonders why she ever thought having younger members of the bridal party was a good idea!

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It is a great spectator sport, until that is, your best friend asks you to provided the perfect bridesmaid or page boy. Fear not, Up All Hours is here with a few tips to get you and them, through the day.

Preparation is key: Trying to force a small person into either, a white puffy dress or, a sailor suit on the day is not the answer!Get them in the outfit as much as possible before the big day.


D-day distraction: Getting them to do anything on the day will be tricky. You have a Biridezilla wanting perfection, a lot of people wanting to pat them on the head and tell them how much they have grown and that is after you have somehow managed, to get them to sit through the service without wetting themselves or, screaming the church down. The answer? A bag of little toys (not sweets, sugar high hell or - sticky fingers all over their outfit or worse, the bride!) all individually wrapped. Give them one as a bribe every time you need to get them to do something. Keeps them entertained and gets them to do what is needed!


Food, Glorious Food: While months goes into the planning of a wedding, thoughts on what to give the kids at the wedding are not given quite as much attention. Trying to get a Salmon mousse or a vol- au- vent down your little cherubs neck might be tricky so, don’t be ashamed to BYO, to keep their tummies full and their smiles on full beam!

Admit defeat: After the photos, their jobs are done so, cut them some slack and let them roll down the hill in their crisp white Sailor’s suit to their hearts content. They are off duty and you are too so, let your hair down and grab a much needed glass of champagne!


The time has come to say Goodnight: They will be high as kites so getting them down will be a tricky. If you are able to, leave and take them home. Remember to change them into their PJ’s first as, odds are, they will nod off as soon as you put them in the car.If you have to stay, take a travel cot (no matter what age as they will like the novelty) fill it with a pillow and a duvet and find a quiet corner, the fist 20 mins or so will be a battle but if the corner is quiet enough, they will soon nod off.

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