Top 5 Summer Party Games

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With the weather getting warmer the Summer party season is upon us. Be it a birthday party or, a family gathering, we have some top tips on the party games that will ensure that everyone enjoys the great outdoors!

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1. Choc- a- holic: This is a great game for all the family. Players sit in a circle. In the centre of the circle is a bar of chocolate, a knife and fork and various dressing up items (sun hat, glasses, sarong, flip flops etc). Players take it in turns to roll a dice when a 6 is thrown that person runs into the middle, puts all the fancy dress items on and then starts to attempt to eat the chocolate with a knife and fork, until another 6 is thrown!

The Chocolate Game

2. Watermelon carving: Why should Halloween have all the fun?! Buy several watermelons and split the children into teams with an adult in each. Cut the top off the watermelon and get the children to scoop out the flesh (this can be nibbled on, throughout the remainder of the game). Then the adults can cut out the eyes and mouth and then the kids can decorate. Try cocktail sticks with grapes on for wacky hair or orange slices for ears, you could even use banana slices for eyes. The wackier the better and the best head can win a prize.

Watermelon Head

3. Piñata with a twist!: Rather than the standard piñata this allows the little ones to have a go and adds an element of competition. Get 12 balloons of different colours. Fill 10 with sweets (the best way to stretch a deflated balloon over the end of a hoover pipe then pour the sweets down the tube and into the balloon, then you just have to blow the balloon up) and fill two with water. Then pin the balloons to a pin board in a grid formation. Cellotape a fork to a pole and the children can take it in turns to throw or poke the balloons with the fork until they pop one of the balloons and see if it is filled with sweets or water!

Balloon Piniata

4. Doughnut’s on a string: Hang string down from the branch of a tree at varying heights according to the ages of the children. Attach a ring doughnut to the end of each one and get the children to try to eat the doughnut with their arms behind their back. The first one to finish wins!

Donuts on string

5. Slip and fly!: It is an oldie but a goody! Resurrect the slip and slide from your own childhood. All you need is a hose, some tarpaulin and some tent pegs! If you have a hill, peg the tarpaulin down the hill, position the hose at the top and let the fun begin. Alternatively if you have a slide in the garden, peg the tarpaulin at the bottom of the slide, run the hose down the slide and then see how far each child can get along the tarpaulin with the momentum generated from the slide!

Slip and Slide

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